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Kami merupakan pusat penerjemahan multi bahasa yang sekaligus menyediakan peralatan penerjemah SIS (simultaneous interpretation system), simultaneous interpretation equipment rental, melayani sewa / rental alat interpreter di kota Jogja Solo, Semarang, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang, Medan, Makasar, Tanjung Pinang, Banda Aceh, Lampung, Denpasar, Nusa Dua, Lombok.

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Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) is a relatively new phenomenon. For hundreds of years, when people speaking different languages rely on an interpreter to communicate, they have to stop constantly for the interpreter to speak, which slows down the communication process and distracts both sides. This method of interpretation is consecutive interpretation (CI). After the Second World War, during the judgement of war criminals in Hague Tribunal, simultaneous interpretation (SI) was used for the first time. It greatly fastened the pace of the judgement and the criminals were astonished: ‘These interpreters are shortening our lives!’

Conferences with SI service have a special seat for the interpreter in the corner – the booth, a sound-proof cubicle with headphones, microphones and sometimes video devices that allow the interpreter to see the platform. When a speaker starts talking, the interpreter listens to the speech through the headphones, and interprets while the speaker is talking. The interpretation goes through microphones to audience’s earphones. Thus, the audience can understand the speaker instantaneously; there is no need for the speaker to stop in the middle and the conference can proceed without any interruption.

Development in sound and voice equipments provides the technological prerequisite for SI, however, the communication cannot take place without well trained interpreters who are proficient in both languages. The mental demand of this job is so high that interpreters often work in teams of two or three so that they can take turns to interpret and allow each other time to take a break.

Except for being an indispensable communication tool for international organizations, SI is also a fascinating subject for researchers in many different areas, e.g. psychology, translation studies and linguistics. Researchers are interested in discovering what is actually happening in the interpreters’ mind when they work.

Taking on linguistic perspective, this research studies the interference of English (source language) on SI production in Chinese (target language) by examining the interpretation of Chinese topic chain sentences and the usage of English coordinator and. Subjects in this study are all native speakers of Chinese and learners of English as a second language. They are required to do a consecutive interpretation task, a simultaneous interpretation task and a free narrative task. When they are doing SI, they have to listen and speak at the same time, may increase the level of interference of Chinese on English. The study aims to find out whether the multi-task nature of SI leads to higher level of interference between the target language (TL) and the source language (SL), compared with CI and free narrative.

0818-200-450 (WA-Line aktif)
081215078666 (WA-Line Aktif)

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